Hermes was founded in 1969 by Lena Savidis and Akis Angelou. Their original goals were to publish companion books for educational use, and to popularize rare literary works that were either unavailable in contemporary print or were limited to very expensive editions.

In 1983, the original team was enhanced by George Christoforidis. In 1994, Alkis Angelou departed, and three years later Hermes expanded by incorporating ISTOS, the brainchild of Manolis Savidis. A fruitful period of renewal followed, and in 2005, Hermes Digital was launched under the guidance of Nikos Gouraros - Director of Archive Digitalization for the Lambrakis Press S.A.

Hermes Digital now offers high level services in the field of digital information technology.

Μόλις κυκλοφόρησαν

Εντυπωνύμια στη σημερινή Ελλάδα
Τα θαυμάσια νερά. Ανδρέας Κάλβος
Το όνομα και το πράγμα
Σημειώσεις στον Λυρικό Βίο του Άγγελου Σικελιανού
Τα Έμμετρα
Μικρή Συλλογή
Χαριστική Βολή
Παιδικά ποιήματα, τραγούδια, νανουρίσματα και άλλα